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Home Loans

Crucial Facts About HECM Reverse Mortgage

HECM is the abbreviation for Home Equity Conversion Mortgage, a special program that is specifically tailored to give clients an opportunity to withdraw some of the equity in their property. One of the highlights of this program is that it gives American senior citizens a golden chance to become...
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Types of Property Insurance Coverage

There are Twelve types of Property Insurance coverage Replacement cost coverage: Replacement cost coverage is the type of property insurance that will always make sure that the cost of your property assurance is being paid regardless of downfall or increasing of currency. Replacement cost coverage is made easy so that...
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Renovation Rules to Follow

I once heard someone describe renovating like falling in love. When you first begin, everything is new and exciting and nothing can tarnish the dreams you have for the future. But as reality sets in, the money starts flowing out, the dust starts to fly, and you can’t find...
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Interior Design

Some Design Rules Are Meant to Be Broken

There are rules that apply to just about everything in life. Interior decorating and design is no different. You begin to hear the rules almost immediately. Indeed, now we have channels like HGTV that share the rules en masse. Always use odd numbers when displaying objects… Always use black within a...
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