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It’s a dream of every homemaker to own a beautiful house which is facilitated with all amenities and best furnishing. A house reflects the living style of its owner. Thus, it is very important to select the best and appropriate pieces to furnish your house. We spend huge amount of money to adorn our house with expensive decor and furniture. But, do we really need be spendthrift in order to own a good home?

Furniture, BedroomTo reduce expenses while styling our house, we need to look after our requirements. And we should go by the phrase “Less is more”. Make a list of essential pieces required for your house and then start exploring for them. This will help you to have a large set of choices and select the best from the lot.

While furnishing a house, we buy furniture according to the rooms. Although, every house is not furnished in the same way but there can be a common set of furniture pieces for different rooms. Let’s see those four essential furniture pieces that can be used to accessorize a bedroom.

1. Bed-Frame- A bedroom is a place where we go to relax and comfort ourselves. So, it is very important to select a suitable bed-frame. If you are buying a bed-frame for your kid, you may want it to be colorful, comfortable and low-height whereas for a teenager, it would be more stylish and appealing. You can also choose your bed on the basis of make, theme, size or frame-style. While, buying the bed-frame, always keep in mind that you may like to match your bed with other bedroom accessories.

2. Mattress- Mattresses contribute the most when it comes to make you feel relax in your bedroom. If you buy an expensive bed-frame and compromise with the quality of your mattress, then you may not get a good sleep. This can affect your health as well. So, always go for a high-quality mattress. Before finalizing your mattress, make sure that it meets your requirements and suits you the best. Your mattress can either give you a good sleep or make you sleep deprived. So, give as much time as you can while selecting your mattress.

3. Bed-Side Tables- How many things do you use just before you go to sleep? A bed-side table is a must for people who do not want to disturb their sleep in keeping their daily use devices at respective places. A small bed-side table does not only comfort people at night but also add style to the bedrooms. In general, you’ll find clock, night-lamp and books on the tables. But, it also depends on the users. You may find decor items on female’s side table and electronic devices on male’s side table.

4. Dressing Table- You can personalize your bedroom by keeping a dressing table in it.Furniture for, Bedroom However, it is very important to consider the amount of space available in the room while keeping the dressing table. The addition of dressing table will help you in organizing your clothes, personal items etc. You can match your dressing table with your bed to flaunt a customized look of your bedroom.

These four pieces of furniture will not only make your bedroom look beautiful but also provide you with comfort and relief.




by:  Ankita Prasad