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What are the advantages of use?

Wardrobes with Sliding doors fit wall to wall and ceiling to floor, thus, are making the most of the available space in the room. They slide neatly behind each other and thus save space by not opening up into the room.

Ranging with the most traditional and modern designs, with finishes from glass to mirror to effects of wood, there are sliding doors meant to enhance every room.

Will a small room fit the doors?

A sliding door wardrobe is meant to make the most of your existing space. Whatever be the size of your room, it must always be made to suit the needs according to your space. The doors actually should be designed in a way that just fits your purpose.

How to install such doors?

Installing hanging doors might not always be as difficult as you think. In fact you can actually fix such a door in three hours time. The doors have been specifically designed to be extremely easy to install and aren’t always that heavy.

What if the available door sizes do not fit my door?

Sliding doors should fit between ceiling and floor; and wall to wall. In case this is not possible you can always go ahead and add fillers above the doors or attach an end panel to it. If your doors are made to measure, these problems should not arise.

In case your measurement is more than 2.48m or higher than 2.26 m, the use of space blockers can help you reduce gaps from 12-13 mm or open heights reducer for gaps ranging from 130-480mm.

How to measure the rooms for the doors?

Ceiling to floor and wall to wall, in any part of the room, is how measurements are taken of any room, if you are planning to install your doors. Anyone planning on using an end panel should also get the exact measurements to the room. The measurement is to be done in more than one place, with measurements horizontally followed by vertically, from the top and bottom of the opening.

This should be followed by making your doors. The measurements have to start with the smallest. Decide on the depth of your wardrobe beforehand, making sure you have enough storage space.

How to adjust my doors?

All floors are not parallel to the ceiling. A few adjustments need to be made making sure your sliding doors are in level with one another. If you are still in doubt, use the two adjustable bottom wheels, to make adjustments.

Sliding Doors

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