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Having a Bean Bag Chair in your home is a great way for you to make any room more inviting and relaxing. These chairs have been around for a number of years now and they continue to be a favorite among families.

What is a Bean Bag Chair and how did it come about?

It is a large frameless chair that resembles a bean bag. It is made of a large fabric bag filled with polystyrene beads or tiny Styrofoam balls and it molds readily to the contours of the user’s body. The first bean bag chair came about in the 1970’s. Rumor has it that the first version of this chair was discovered by accident. When a Styrofoam factory placed their leftover pieces from the production line in a large bag, the manufacturers thought of using it to create a new piece of furniture and called it the Sacco. Throughout the 1970’s, the chairs became available in department stores. They were made of durable leather and were filled with thick Styrofoam pellets. In the 1990’s, manufacturers of bean bag chairs started making them in different forms, shapes, and sizes such as recliners and sofas. They also became more child-friendly with childproof durable zippers. Today, most of these chairs are typically made with washable covers and are filled with shredded foam to make it more durable.

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What are the benefits of using bean bag chairs?

1.) It can help alleviate stress.

You may experience stress at work or at home on a daily basis. Once you begin to unwind however, one of the best ways to relax is to get your groove back by balancing on a bean bag chair for a few minutes. These chairs are perfect for you to practice meditation techniques at any time of the day.

2.) It can help relieve body aches and pains.

According to medical experts, a number of health problems today can be prevented simply by using ergonomically designed pieces of furniture. If you sit all day in front of your computer or stay in a single position for long periods, you are prone to developing backaches and joint pains. Using a bean bag chair will help ease the pain because it is made to contour your body. The ergonomic position reduces muscles strains and helps you relax after a long, stressful day at work.

3.) It is easy to maintain.

Traditional furniture like sofas, chairs and recliners need to be replaced after just a few years of use. When you purchase a high quality bean bag chair however, it can actually last you for a lifetime. As long as you take proper care of it by washing the cover every now and then, you and your family can enjoy it for many years to come. It is easy to maintain because it does not need assembling. Since it is mobile and lightweight, it can be easily moved from one part of the house to another.

4.) It is eco-friendly.

Do you want to do your part in saving Mother Earth? They are the most ideal and most practical alternative to using conventional chairs that are made of wood.

5.) It is available in a wide variety of shapes and designs.

If you are concerned about matching your furniture with the rest of your home’s interiors, you would be glad to know that you can fully customize the way your bean bag chair looks. You can choose the fabric, the shape and the size. So whether you are looking to purchase one for your child’s bedroom, for your study, or for your living room, you would not be hard pressed to find one that will suit your needs perfectly.

Bean Bag Chair; Furniture; Home Improvement; home design; interior design; appliances

6.) It provides you with practicality and mobility.

Since this chair is shapeless, you can easily bring it with you and store it in the trunk of your car. It does not take too much space and is light enough to take with you anywhere you want to go. So whether you are going to spend a day at the beach, an overnight stay at a campsite, or an afternoon in an outdoor picnic, you will always have a bean bag chair for you to rest and relax on.

While a lot of wood is needed to manufacture new furniture everyday, no trees were harmed in the creation of our bean.

Bean Bag Chair; Furniture; Home Improvement; home design; interior design; appliances

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