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All husbands and wives have disagreements from time to time. While most can be resolved with minimal headache, there’s one issue that strikes at the very heart of your relationship and your core values: Bathroom storage.

No matter the size or shape or style of bathroom, there are bathroom custom cabinets that will fit right in.

Sure, careers and finances add their share of anxiety to a marriage. But the battles waged over counter space and defending your territory can be surprisingly stressful. When the disagreements threaten to bring you down, it’s time for custom cabinets to bring you back. So put aside your differences for now, get cosy on the couch, and explore the brave new world of bathroom custom cabinets.

Drive to the Basket

Whoever it was that first likened an easy college course to “Basket Weaving 101” has clearly never tried it. It’s much simpler to buy one, or, if you’re determined to cut the bathroom clutter with custom cabinets, buy several. Choose baskets that match, place related items in each one and arrange them carefully in custom cabinets. You’ll be more organized and achieve a unique look for your bathroom in the process. Let’s see the Nuclear Physics course do that.

Counter Measures

At first glance, your existing vanities may appear more than adequate to stash your toiletries. But those items have a way of mysteriously multiplying over time. Before they reach the point of overflowing, you can install countertop custom cabinets to stem the tide. Properly designed, they can hold a myriad of soaps, gels and lotions while fitting seamlessly with the surrounding décor.

If you Build it…

… they still may not come. But when it comes to bathroom storage, built-in custom cabinets are a solid choice. Store items with visual appeal on open shelves above, either standing free or in baskets or glass canisters if that’s more practical. Use lower cabinets for less attractive objects like cleaning supplies so they’re out of sight but never out of reach.

Overloading is Over-rated

Bathroom custom cabinets should do more than reduce clutter. They should also enhance the space around them. You can accomplish both with custom cabinets by the sink that sport a rich wood finish. Store everyday items like hand lotion and towels inside but don’t go overboard. Limiting each shelf to a few key items will make them easier to find and easier on the eye should the door be inadvertently left open or magically “open itself” in the presence of nosy neighbours.

Hiding in Plain Sight

If you prefer a more open feel to your bathroom, the solution is clear. Start with glass doors and shelves for your bathroom custom cabinets and then choose the contents wisely. Select plush towels in rich tones to match the bathroom color scheme and add lotions or bath beads in attractive bottles that complement their “cabinet mates”. It will help to imbue your bathroom with a light, airy feel and, as an added bonus, spoil the fun for those prying eyes.

Put it on a Pedestal

Pedestal sinks add a great retro touch to your bathroom, but they do it at the expense of counter space. To have the best of both worlds, place strategically constructed custom cabinets between a pair of pedestal sinks. With the right configuration, they’ll replace the lost space without detracting from the desired effect.

Maybe bathroom custom cabinets can’t solve all of your bathroom battles. But when properly designed to suit your space and your lifestyle, they can go a long way to defusing the storage dilemma. As for the scraps over how to squeeze the toothpaste, well, you’re on your own.

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