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Home renovation or construction would entail many owners to put most of their time on the actual main building structure and may result in neglecting the other parts that are essential to the comfort and welfare of their family. One of the most neglected things that most homeowners fail to consider is the type of garage door opener that they want installed.

Choosing the right garage door opener will not only ensure a home’s safety, it would also provide convenience to homeowners especially those that have manual doors.

Endless bending and lifting the garage door is not only a health hazard, it also decreases one’s safety while increasing the potential for vehicle theft or any untoward accidents happening.

Storage Garage; Garage Door Opener


There are 3 types of door openers currently sold in the market today and all work pretty well. The difference lies in the noise that these produce when someone opens the garage door. Chain drive is the most affordable of the three kinds. This type makes use of chains that are attached to a metal trolley. When the door is being opened, the chains move on the trolley thus producing a high level of noise. Belt drive openers are the quietest but also the most expensive of the lot. The opener makes use of rubber belts that moves on a trolley when the door is being opened up. As it is made of rubber, the noise is reduced. Screw drive openers make use of threaded steel rods instead of chains or rubber belts. The tracks are also lined with plastic so the sound these make is also reduced considerably. Screw type openers need to be properly lubricated to ensure that they work well.


Once one has decided which door opener to purchase, it is also important to consider the accessibility to the door. One of the innovations that come with installing a garage door opener is that one can also install a remote access to the door so one no longer needs to manually open it. One button remotes are popular for homeowners who have a single garage but it might not work for those that have multiple ones.

Multiple controllers are also available which one can purchase if they have multiple or several garage doors. Wireless keypads are also becoming popular due to the high security feature that these provide. Some units also have rolling code technology which changes the security code or access code so that one can have different set of codes increasing the security and safety of the home.

Storage Garage; Garage Door Opener

These are just some of the things that one might want to consider before purchasing a garage door opener. For more information please visit the site today or contact one of their expert technicians to help you out.

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