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Choosing bedroom furniture sounds easy, right? Most stores sell sets that come with everything you need: bed, nightstands, dresser, chest, etc.

Before buying bedroom furniture set or building your own from different pieces, think about how you want to spend time in that space.

This is probably one of the few places in your home where you can get some peace and quiet, so take the time to shop around and design a room where you can do just that! Follow these tips for selecting your bedroom furniture:

Bed Size

What size bed do you want? While you may think bigger is better, that might not be the case for a very small room or one with odd angles. A queen or full size bed is a good size and might allow you to put more pieces or accessories in the room. If you have a room large enough for a king size bed, however, go for it!


You may want to keep with the style that similar to the rest of your home, or you may want to do something a little different in this space. Look at the different styles available – traditional, modern, contemporary, or something in between. Do you like lots of details or an ornate look? Do you prefer smooth lines and a glossy finish? Most furniture stores will have every style to choose from.

Wood Finish

While your bed headboard may be made from different materials such as leather or fabric, most of the other furniture in your room will be wood. Wood can be stained, painted, and given a variety of finishes. You can choose from different woods such as cherry, walnut, pine, oak and much more. As you can see, your choices are virtually limitless! Many stores may feature a set in a particular finish, but they may offer it in others. So if you don’t see the particular finish you like, it’s always good to ask.


Other than a bed, what other pieces do you envision in the room? Depending on your storage needs, you will probably need a dresser and chest of drawers. You will also likely want a nightstand or two beside the bed. Most of the time, these pieces are sold as a set along with bed, so you’ll be sure to have a matching style. If you have a larger room, you may want a sitting chair or small table, or possibly an extra storage piece such as a wardrobe cabinet. With very large areas, you can actually create separate spaces for your own private suite-type room!


Don’t forget all the things that will complement your bedroom furniture! Look for lamps, rugs, bedding, pictures and plants that will contribute to your dream room vision.

Selecting furniture doesn’t have to be hard, but it is wise to have a design in mind when you start shopping.

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