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     A coffee maker is a kitchen appliance, which is used to brew coffee. In most common appliances, coffee grounds are placed in a metal or paper filter which is located inside the funnel of the appliance. The funnel in turn is set over a ceramic or glass coffee pot. Cold water is poured into a separate chamber of the device. The water is heated up to its boiling point, and then directed into the funnel. This process of making coffee is called automatic dip brew.

Coffee Maker

Several variants of coffee makers are sold into the markets under different brand names. Vacuum coffee brewer, drip coffee maker and percolators are some of the highly successful variants of coffee brewers that are widely available in the markets these days. Percolators were first introduced in the mid-nineteenth century. In these devices, gravity pressure is used to bring the water in contact with the coffee grounds for a sufficient amount of time. This process infuses an acceptable amount of flavor into the brewing solution.

Coffee MakerThe electrification of homes during the twentieth century helped in simplifying the working of percolators to a great extent and made them ubiquitous in American homes. Invention of safe & secured electric fuses and heating elements popularised the use of electric coffee makers during second half of the twentieth century. The electric coffee makers met the standards of temperature and coffee brewing time for the first time in history.

Coffee MakerVacuum coffee makers were first introduced around 1915. Pyrex globes were used in the appliances for the first time instead of the glass ones. It solved the problem of fragility of these devices to a great extent and also helped in making them a commercially viable option. The devices’ sleek forms and simple functionality got popular appeal among the masses. “Mr. Coffee,” the first automatic drip brew coffee maker was introduced to the public in 1972. The device combined aspects of both the drip brew process and the percolating process. Since then, the shape and size of these appliances have changed to a large extent. A range of light weight and compact coffee makers are available in markets the world over these days.



by: Fletcher Mak