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You may be thinking of fitting a conservatory to your home, with your decision probably coming down to aspects like the aesthetic effects of an extension, the costs, the light and space you could gain or the garden you would have to lose.

A consideration that perhaps does not get quite the airing it deserves, though, is the effect of a conservatory on home insurance.

home insurance; insurance; Below is a brief guide: The addition of a conservatory, clearly, will add value to your home and therefore will increase the overall value needing to be covered. A first question pertains to the cost of building the conservatory itself. The rebuilding cost of redoing this work is how the value will be measured, rather than a new valuation of the property with the conservatory in place. Generally, insurers will increase this figure in line with the retain price index (RPI). It is worth checking every now and then that this level is sufficiently high that it covers the conservatory. A cautionary note on home insurance is to ensure on construction that any side-facing or garden-facing doors and windows of the conservatory comply with the security standards stipulated by your insurer. It is important that an insurer is contacted before the building work takes place, as badly or incorrectly undertaken work may invalidate your assurance. It is worthwhile getting the response of your insurer in writing. home insurance; insurance; The other major consideration of the value to which your home insurance will need to be increased is the contents of the conservatory. More space has a curious way of lending itself to more possessions, so your contents indemnity limit may also need to be raised in order to take account of this. In terms of the total cost of installing a conservatory, these considerations should not amount to a large increase. The procedure, however, is of great importance and failing to go through the right hoops with your insurer could potentially lead to all manner of headache. Being clear and transparent regarding the work you intend to undertake and the cost of that work is one part of avoiding this. The other is ensuring that your insurer’s position is clear, preferably in writing, and that you follow it to the letter. These Home Insurance details out the way, you can go back to comparing designs and layouts and considering the far more interesting question of what you intend to fill your new conservatory with.

home insurance; insurance;

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