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Modern lawn mower offers a dizzy array of attractive features. To determine the preferred type of mower, a gardener needs to sort out which features are most important.

Issues that can influence the buying decision include the surface or terrain (obstacles, flat or hills), amount of free time, physical fitness, and size of lawn. Here are the key points to the different types of lawn mowers:

Reel Mower (manual)

A manual reel mower is perfect for the flat and small lawn. A certain degree of fitness is required as it is necessary to use physical strength to push the mower up and down the lawn. It is the most environmentally friendly. This is due to not producing any noise or emissions. These human-powered mowers are great for the gardener on a budget, since they are the most affordable option for maintaining the short and attractive lawn.

lawn mower; yard equipment

Reel Mower (battery-powered)

A battery-powered reel mower is great for the gardener that likes the simplicity of these mowers, but would prefer not to supply the operating power. A lawn size at ¼ acre or less is practical for this type of machine. Similar to using the human-powered reel mower, it is crucial to clear the lawn of debris or sticks to avoid damaging the open blades.

lawn mower; yard equipment

Walk-Behind Mowers (electric or battery-powered)

An electric or battery-powered walk-behind mower is the most popular option for cutting the mid-size lawn. They come with a variety of features and options. Many of these mowers give the option to either collect the grass clipping or slice them into miniature pieces and return to the lawn to act as a mulch material.

An electric lawn mower is preferred for the relatively small to mid-size lawns with minimal obstructions and easy access to use an extension cord for power. A battery-powered mower is a more practical option if needing to navigate a lot of obstacles, such as ornaments or trees, which can cause issues with a power cord. On average, a fully charged battery pack will last 30 to 45 minutes of constant use.

Bag or mulch the clippings

The most time efficient and environmentally friendly option is to mulch the grass clippings as you go. By returning the clipping to the surface of the lawn, you help layer a beneficial fertilizer across the surface of the lawn. Also, using the lawn mower that automatically slices the grass clippings will save time by eliminating a need to stop and empty the grass box, bag, or attachment.

lawn mower; yard equipment

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