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Buying a new home is a dream for many people, but those lucky enough to purchase a new home sometimes find that the dream quickly becomes a new nightmare. Whether this is your first home or your fifth home, you never know what might happen when you sign on the dotted line. You can learn what to avoid when you look at some of the disaster stories from previous home buyers.


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Kitten Overboard: When Chris and Julie looked at their new home, it was love at first sight. Everything about the house made them want to smile and cheer. It had the perfect number of bedrooms and bathrooms, was in a good location and the seller listed it at a good price. Not long after they moved in, they heard a strange noise that almost sounded like a baby crying. It didn’t take long before they realized that their home was home to dozens of small kittens. They later learned that the previous owner was a cat hoarder and that she didn’t get all of the cats out before moving. After spending weeks rounding up kittens trapped inside the walls, they learned the importance of doing a full inspection before buying. The HOA from Hell: Scott looked at dozens of houses before buying one in a good neighborhood. He met with the homeowners association before purchasing, received approval from the association and thought things were fine. A few weeks after moving in, he woke to find a ticket on his car for parking too close to the driveway. The homeowners association quickly followed up that ticket with other tickets for parking on the street, having a guest stay overnight without proper approval and choosing the wrong shade of paint for his front door. After fighting with the association for months, Scott learned to talk to other homeowners in the area and learn what the association has control over before buying.

First Home, Home Buyers, New Home, New Homeowners

Unexpected Flooding: Tim and Ann watched the previous owner pay for an inspection, did a walk through on their new home and went through all the proper channels, but that didn’t stop the two from seeing a big surprise. The moment they turned on the water main in their home, a pipe burst and sent a stream of gushing water through the ceiling over their new living room. Though they quickly turned off the water, the damage was done. Repairing the damage took thousands of dollars and showed these new homeowners that they need to pay for their own inspection. Uh-Oh, Don’t Want to Sell: Sarah found her dream home after a long search, and after putting in an offer, which the owner accepted, she started planning her life in her new home. Just before signing the final paperwork, the homeowner changed his mind. Sarah, who put her notice in on her apartment, found herself without a home, but she did learn that until the paperwork is complete, things can change. When it comes to buying your first home or your next home, learn from the lessons that these homeowners experienced.

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