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Beautifying and modernizing the home is certainly very satisfying and instantly improves on the function and market value of the property, especially if the work is completed in the kitchen or bathroom area.

If planning on starting some home improvement work, but not entirely sure of where to begin, it is likely to benefit the most if the initial projects concern those rooms used the most.

Renovating the kitchen or bathroom is certain to have a significant impact and can instantly change the look of the home.

Here are four of the more desirable do-it-yourself projects –

Update the tiling – Whether you are looking to modernize the tiling in the bathroom or add a focal back-splash to the kitchen, this is certain to create a noticeable change in the home. In the process of choosing the tiles it helps to look at those able to coordinate with the existing countertops and cabinets. And since it is crucial to install the tiles to a high standard it helps to search for a guide that is able to give directions on the best tiling practices.

Replace cabinet hardware – A highly effective strategy to instantly update the appearance of the kitchen cabinets is to replace the hardware. By swapping out the old pulls and handles, it is possible to create a fresh look with little effort. By replacing hardware with items of similar proportions it should be possible to complete the work in a single day. But if using different sized handles it will be necessary to drill the new holes, while staining, sanding, and patching might also be required.

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A similar project to updating the cabinet hardware includes installing replacement shower and sink fittings in the bathroom and kitchen. A modern look is certain to be achieved with the fixtures in brushed nickel, copper, or oiled bronzed.

Install a replacement sink – The installation of a replacement sink in the kitchen or bathroom is functional and helps with increasing the aesthetics. Most sinks of similar proportions to what is already in place are quite straightforward to complete as a do-it-yourself project. This is provided some basic plumping skills are already acquired. Replacing a sinks requires basic knowledge of disconnecting the waste disposal, drain pipes, and water supply.

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Revise the storage – Well planned organization with a choice of cupboards, shelving units, and peg boards is certain to create the required space for putting everything in its place. An area like the garage or basement is perfect to transform into a storage space to make sure all household items are organized and easily to find when required at a later date.

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