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Do you always have guests and nowhere comfortable place for them to sleep? Are they tired of sleeping on your lumpy couch? Why not buy a Sly Deluxe Sofa Bed for them to sleep on?

Having guests from out of town can be fun and sometimes trying. Finding somewhere comfortable for them to sleep can be a constant worry if you live in a small apartment or even a home with no extra bedrooms. A Sly Deluxe sofa bed can provide the comfort for your guests and the style you are looking for to complete any room in your home.

Sofa Bed

Sly sofas come in a variety of colors, fabrics and modern designs to suit your personal style. The innovative Swedish design features no armrests so that no extra room is taken. It also features a sturdy matte, black powder coated frame, a thick, full bed mattress and pocket springs coupled with a layer of foam on top for optimal comfort. The two comfortable back cushions are easily removed and the sofa is just as easy to put together. Just remove the cushions and pull down the back of the sofa bed and your guests are ready for a perfect night’s sleep. The sturdy, chrome legs provide less movability and scratches to your floors. Your guests will be happy and so will you.

If you are still not sold on the beautiful, sleek design of the Sly sofa bed, you should know that the covers are removal for washing. Check with your distributor for instructions on how to wash your covers so as not to ruin them; some may be dry clean only. The chrome legs are also easily washable to keep their shine.

Sofa Bed

When picking your new sofa bed from a modern furniture store, a good idea would be to measure the size of your room and the area where you want to place it. Keep in mind the colors of your walls, an area rug and other furniture in the room so that your Sly bed is the perfect match. Once everything is put together, you can sit back on your new deluxe sofa and enjoy. A Sly sofa bed is two pieces of furniture in one saving you money and time. Complete your new sofa with some new throw pillows or blanket to make it stand out even more. The Sly sofa bed is a comfortable seating area as well as bed for guests and loved ones.

If your sofa bed is being used in a room outside the living room, perhaps in a child’s room, consider the appropriate style Sly deluxe sofa bed for them. Consider choosing a colorful fabric, or matching up to the bedding they currently have. Your child will enjoy choosing with you. Their new sofa bed will even make room for when their friends come over for a sleep over! They will be excited to show off their beautiful, new bed to share with their friends.

Sofa Bed

The Sly deluxe sofa bed is your solution to a beautiful living room and prime comfort for your guests and loved ones to keep them coming back again and again. Maybe next time you visit, them, you’ll be sleeping on their new Sly deluxe sofa bed!