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Fixing one issue reveals another, and the process continues till you have that innocent thought – wish we had a little extra space, another bedroom, or an extra bathroom. At one point of time or another, all of us have this idea in our minds. While home remodeling has various benefits attached to it, different people have different reasons to go for it. However, the project isn’t as simple or hassle-free as it might seem to others. In most cases, people tread the wrong path and end up overspending their budget and escalating the hope about the value of their property.

According to a recent survey, almost fifty percent people expressed their wish to enhance the value of their house with a home remodeling project. However, not all renovation projects repay you when selling your property. Remember, not all changes are improvements in the real sense. So, before you lay the deck or install the black marble in your bathroom, read the following point. This’ll help you in avoiding all the possible mistakes associated with home improvement.

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Forgetting the Local Construction Rules:

When planning for a home remodeling project, it’s important to check whether you must file for planning let or your house planning already allows you to make some changes. Make sure that you don’t just send your petition, but get the let as well. If you start the construction work without any let or authorization, it may lead to legal issues. Each state has its own construction rules; so make sure that you abide by them. Remember, it’s better to wait than experience any legal issue.

Getting Verbal Contracts:

If your renovation project includes some construction work, it’s better to take enough time and look for a genuine construction company. You’ll come across many such agencies in the market, but avoid going for the first agency that you hit upon in your neighborhood. Instead, consider collecting price quotes from at least 2-3 builders. Also make sure that you ask for references of their previous projects. That way, you’ll have an idea about the kind of services provided by them. When hiring a construction company, make sure that you have the contract in writing. A lot of companies propose verbal agreements, but that’s never advisable. Always read the documents in detail before signing a contract.

Choosing Style Over Functionality:

When opting for house remodeling, we have some dreams and aspirations in our mind. However, we often give priority to the outer looks and not functionality. Now, that’s a big mistake. The key lies in striking the right balance between looks and utility.

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