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What Are the Good Vacuum Cleaners?

What is a good vacuum cleaner? How do you describe it? How does it function? Those are the questions that you may ask yourself when you try to buy the best vacuum for your house. You may even get lost sometimes.

Vacuum Cleaner

What is a good vac?

There are tons of brands to choose from and you may feel frustrated too choose the right model for yourself. Although, to truly say what is a good vacuum cleaner is hard as all of the people have different preferences. Some of them may want a handheld vac or an upright vac, you may also want a HEPA filter or just the standard one (it is important if you suffer from allergies). Color, dimensions, weight and functions may be even more important to you! As I have said, it all depends on personal preferences after all.

How does it function?

You absolutely want your vacuum to function properly as you are planning to use it for at least a few years! You should also pay attention to its functions as not all of the vacuums are capable of cleaning carpets or hardwood floors.

Vacuum Cleaner SuggestionsGood Vacuum Cleaner

If you are searching for the best vacuum cleaner, these suggestions may be very useful! You can find all of the devices on Amazon and they were chosen according to the level of customer satisfaction.

Black & Decker CHV1510 15.6-Volt Cyclonic Action Cordless Dustbuster

You may find this vacuum useful as it uses replacement filter and can scoop up large debris. If you have a dog who has a hard time with keeping his food in his bowls, you may find this handheld vacuum cleaner just perfect for you! It is small too, which is always a plus! You just may have to charge it a little bit too often!

Bissell Homecare International 9595 Cleanview Vacuum, Bagless

It is also called BISSELL CleanView with OnePass, 9595 which says it all. You will totally save time cleaning with this lightweight beauty as it has an innovative brush design which cleans a bigger area of surface. And you totally expect that from a good vacuum cleaner! Don’t you? It also has a HEPA filter which is just awesome for those people who suffer from allergies. What is drawback? Maybe that it is made in China? You may not be able to use for a very long time.

Vacuum Cleaner

Dirt Devil Simpli-Stik Lightweight Corded Bagless Stick Vacuum, SD20000RED

People love this vac as it is cheap and easy to use. It can be a handheld vac, a stick vac, and an utility vac. That is why it is kind of useful. It is light and red, which always a plus. We love red color, don’t we? Moreover, just seem to love it for its incredible price. Only 20$. It must be not only cheap quite good too!

Hopefully, now it will be easier for you to find good vacuum cleaners and keep your house clean to save yourself from allergies.





by:  Karolina Miseviciute