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Since the kitchen area is the place where it attracts the most of the household traffic, it will start to show signs of wear and tear overtime. Although repainting the entire area or installing new appliances are both very good options for kitchen renovation, having Bespoke Kitchen Cabinetry will definitely make a perceptible difference.

Nevertheless, you must keep in mind that there is more to a bespoke kitchen cabinetry than its elegance and appearance. As a matter of fact, a meticulous process of planning and designing is carried out first before it arrives at the production phase.

Needless to say, homeowners need to make up their mind regarding its functionality and appearance. With the intention to help you get started, here are seven of the most important factors to look at when having tailor-made kitchen cabinets:

#1: Materials

Indeed, this should be your top priority when selecting a cabinet if you slightly prefer functionality over appearance. Your choice of materials would determine not only the cabinet’s aesthetic appeal, but also its cost. Most homeowners have predilection for bespoke kitchen cabinetry that are made of wood. Depending on your desired kitchen theme or motif, the cabinet’s frames are usually made of softwood or particle board. In addition, the cabinet door is also made from hardwood.

Bespoke Kitchen Cabinetry

Nevertheless, using wood as the main material for kitchen cabinets can still provide you with a handful of finishes. If you are running low on money, you can have a cabinet that is crafted using a low quality wood. This is ideal if you are planning to paint it later on. However, if you are eyeing to stain them, make sure that the cabinet is made of high quality hardwood such as oak.

If you are aiming to create an “eco-friendly” kitchen theme, cabinets made from wheat board or bamboo are recommended. Also, you can use other green materials like recycled wood as long as they are still fit for long-term use.

#2: Cost

Normally, custom kitchen cabinets are more costly than ready-made ones. Even so, they are a good investment if you are planning to reside in your home for good. If you turn to professional cabinet makers, the cost typically varies according to various factors such as the area where you live, the dimensions of the cabinet and, of course, the materials to be used. Even though they will require a sizeable amount, you have the freedom to customize the cabinet’s every detail and feature.

#3: Structure

If you own a cabinet at this very moment, it is imperative to assess it in order to know the features you like and dislike. This way, you will know the changes you’d like to see in your future kitchen cabinet. Structure-wise, there are actually dozens of kitchen cabinet types depending on how you want to organize your kitchen area. Some homeowners make their cabinets as cutlery and utensil storage, while some make it as a condiment/spice rack. Nonetheless, discuss this subject with your cabinet maker so that they can provide you with the most appropriate cabinet structure for your needs.

#4: Size

Typically, the size of the cabinet is contingent on your kitchen area. If you have a very spacious kitchen, then you might want to consider having an enormous cabinet to balance the space. The good thing about custom kitchen cabinets is that these are made to perfectly fit your kitchen layout, no matter how peculiar it is.

#5: Countertops

Most kitchen cabinets, particularly those that are made from wood, are not suitable for damp areas. Consequently, your cabinets need a countertop that is hard-wearing and water-resistant. Some of the materials that are perfect for kitchen atmosphere include slab granite, concrete, slab marble, tile, as well as soap stone. However, countertops will add weight to your cabinet, so make sure to choose the right material. What’s more is that, the material will also have a huge impact on your cabinet’s overall appearance.

#6: Value

Another important factor to consider when having a bespoke kitchen cabinetry is its long-term value. Does it give a big bang for your buck? If you are targeting to make the most of your investment, it is recommended to let the professional cabinet makers offer their expertise. Value-wise, custom cabinets definitely provide more options in features and materials than ready-made and pre-fabricated ones.

#7: Customer Service

In selecting a custom cabinet maker to handle your project, make sure that he/she has a strong work ethics and is professional in all phases of cabinet making. Also, keep an eye on their turnaround time because they should accomplish your project quicker than big manufacturers. Furthermore, make sure that they have no previous complaints, negative feedbacks, and any other negative remarks from their clients. Ultimately, your custom cabinet maker should also be open for further communication especially during the project completion.

Bespoke Kitchen Cabinetry

Apart from outstanding functionality, bespoke kitchen cabinetry can also serve as the centerpiece furniture of your kitchen area. Considering the above-mentioned factors will surely help you find not only a scrupulous cabinet maker, but also the perfect cabinet for your kitchen. Having a new custom cabinets Almont MI will definitely make a perceptible difference.