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Winter is here and people will spend more time standing at home due to the cold weather. What’s more, the windows and doors are usually locked to prevent winds in. but at the same time, the inside air can’t obtain good ventilation or even becomes worse.

Air freshener for home will be an essential for fresh air. Here are some meaningful guides to refresh air and make your home smell good.

  First of all, you can have a total check for your home to find out the source of odors.  No matter the reason, every home can smell a little funky from time to time. In some cases it may be obvious, but if you aren’t sure, check around your home to see if you can find where it is coming from. Then you have to remove odor sources if you find the odor source. The carpet can be the most important place to be cleaned as it may become dirty after walking around on it. You should pay more attention to carpet cleaning. Clean carpet with baking soda. Sprinkle baking soda on your carpet and let it sit as long as possible to soak up odors before vacuuming. Fifteen minutes is good if you don’t have a lot of time.   Secondly, after finding out the source of odors, try to make some odor maskers. Odor maskers can take the natural smell of your home and layer it with a stronger smell. There is no chemical elimination of the bad smell, just a more pungent masking over the current odor. While air freshener may be the most common option, that tend to have a distinct aerosol-like odor. If you opt for the latter, the steam will act as a natural diffuser and work faster than a purchased one.   Apply some odor eliminators to remove unwanted smells from your home. Odor eliminators are acidic while odors themselves are alkaline or basic on the pH scale. In other words, when the two come together, they counteract and the smell is neutralized. Put it in a small bowl and tuck it behind the curtain so you don’t see it while it’s doing its thing. These are for people dedicated to having an odor-free home. Thirdly, after remove odors, you can add and create pleasant scent for your home. Such as light a scented candle or use a scented oil burner if you have one available or use plug-in or stand alone air fresheners. And you can try placing satchels of dried lavender or cinnamon sticks around your home for a more natural aroma. To create a pleasant scent quickly you can use prepackaged dough. All these tips can offer your favorite scents for home.  Besides, here are some simple ways to make your home smell great by making your own lavender linen spray. All you need is rubbing alcohol, lavender essential oil, distilled water and five minutes. Once you’re done with the dishes, give your entire sink area a lathering, then rinse.

Air Freshener

  Drop a little essential oil onto your furnace filter. Changing your furnace filter regularly is one of the easiest ways to improve the air quality of your home and prolong the life of your furnace. If you have a pleated or disposable filter, it’s also an opportunity to spread some fresh scents! Simply add a few drops of your favorite essential oil each time you change your furnace filter.   Clean your baseboards with dryer sheets. Baseboards are pretty amazing at accruing dust and dirt over time, so it’s a good idea to clean them regularly. If the room you’re cleaning needs a little smell rejuvenation, grab a dryer sheet and use it as you’re cleaning cloth. The dryer sheet will do a great job of picking up dust, and will leave the room smelling great.   These tips may eliminate or mask odors quickly and effectively. But you shouldn’t over do it when creating pleasant scents. Try to stick with one or two methods at a time. Fresh air is one of the best ways to keep your home smelling neutral. While it’s not always an option due to climate or safety reasons, it is an easy solution if you’re not facing restrictions. One additional tip is to buy wholesale perfume to spray on your house. You can choose your favorite fragrances and spray in some corners in your house as air freshener. What you have to do is not so lazy and give a regular clean for your home. You can easily use smells to be happier at home! By the way, take some outdoor activities at this winder.