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Many homes have old windows that let the heat out of rooms and rattle around in the wind during wintery weather. Even some single glazed modern windows on newer homes are such bad insulators that they let a significant amount of heat out of the room.

If you find that this is the case in your property, it is high time to consider having double glazing window replacement done throughout the house or flat. New windows can lead to a warmer, quieter, safer and more energy efficient property.

Double glazed windows; double glazing window; window replacement

Double glazing window is specially designed to minimise heat transfer through the glass to the outside world. They are made of two special thin panes of glass which are designed to insulate the room. These panes are separated by space that is filled with air, or in some cases, a different type of safe gas. The panes must be spaced an optimum distance apart to ensure that heat transfer is minimised. For heat to leave a room it must therefore be transferred through a pane of glass, an air filled space and then another pane of glass, rather than just having to be transferred through a single pane of glass from the warm room to the outside. Having double (or even triple) glazed windows installed at your home will help to insulate your rooms which will mean that they will stay warmer in winter. Well insulated rooms are better for the environment, because they prevent heat from being lost. This means less energy is used heating a room and therefore less energy is wasted. The money that you spend on having a window replacement can quickly be recuperated through the savings made from your reduced heating bills!

Whilst double glazing window is one of the most common types of insulating window available, triple glazing may also be installed in extremely cold places such as the far North and Alaska. It is even possible to get quintuple glazing in places such as Antarctica and Greenland, which has five panes of glass, separated by four air filled cavities!

Double glazed windows are also very beneficial for people who live near busy roads or in noisy areas, because they have better sound insulation than single-glazed windows. Windows that are poor insulators of heat are also usually poor insulators of sound and may let a lot of noises in and out. This can mean that “the privacy of your own home” may not be as private as you first thought. A wider space between the two panes of glass can result in better noise mitigation qualities. A window replacement expert will be able to tell you whether new windows could reduce noise levels in your property.

If you decide you want to have a window replacement done on your property, a window fitter will come round and assess your house to decide on the best possible type of windows for your property. They will also be able to give you an accurate quote for the property and may be able to offer you a good deal if you want more than one window replacing.

Double glazed windows; double glazing window; window replacement

Having double glazing window on your home can make your house warmer and less noisy. Contact a window replacement expert for a quote. You can get more information at Orange County glass installation and Orange County window replacement.

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