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The wireless home lighting technology is the latest fad and everyone is incorporating it. The reason why the technology has become very famous is due to its benefits. One of the benefits is that it’s easy to expand it whenever you deem necessary.

The system is also convenient as you are able to operate the lights from any room of the house. If you want to relocate, it’s very easy to move with the entire system.

Home Lighting; Wireless Home Lighting

To install the system you need to follow the following steps:

Prepare the area

Before you do anything you need to prepare the area that you will be working in. The first thing that you should do is to switch off power in all the circuits that you will be working with.

To confirm that there is no power in the wires that you will be working with, you should use a circuit tester at each junction box.

You also need to turn off the breaker to the light switches where you want to install the new remote home lighting. Here you need to remove the screws holding the cover plate to the switch and then remove the screws holding the switch to the electrical box inside the wall.

Install the dimmers

You should now replace the existing light switch with the remote control dimmers. A dimmer controls a zone with one or more lights.

The good side is that the new dimmer switches use the same wiring connection as the old switches; therefore, to install the dimmers you only need to cut away the wires at the old switches and discard them.

After connecting the wires you should confirm that the new units are properly installed in the switch boxes. If necessary you should add ground wires to put them in place.

Install the garage interface

A garage interface is a device that controls the wireless home lighting. The device also functions as an automatic garage door switch.

To install the interface you need to connect the wiring for each function in the back of the control unit. Here you only need to read installation instructions at the back of the device.

Program the controller

The controller is the device that sends wireless radio signals that control the different dimmers and as a result it allows you to adjust the dimmers in multiple zones in order to create different lighting scenes. The device also aids in turning on and off the various rooms.

Home Lighting; Wireless Home Lighting

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