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Building a home is one of the biggest financial and important events in a family. A home is where the family relationships are built up over time and where lifestyles are established. So a lot of thought and fore planning is required.

The building process can take a considerable length of time and it is important to pose these questions to your home builder before you sign on the dotted line of any agreement with him.

• How long will it take for the house to be completed? Is there any compensation for delay?

• What is the quality of material that will be used? What are the warranties being extended?

• What will be the price for the construction and at what stages it will have to be paid? How will the milestones be inspected before payment is made?

• Will any energy saving measures be incorporated?

• Who will be supervising the construction and can any changes be made during the construction process? Who will be the point of contact during the construction process?

• Will I have access to the premises during the process of construction?

• Can I follow the construction of my house online on the website of the home builder? Will the website be updated regularly?

• What are the standard features being offered and what are the other options available that I can upgrade to?

• What is the design best suited for my family?

• Will locally available and environmental friendly material be used for construction? Will the paint being used cause allergies to occupants?

• Will it be possible to make extensions to the building at a later point in time? Will the building be designed to accommodate such extensions?

• Will the building be earthquake proof?

• Will there be capillary breaks in the foundation? Capillary breaks prevent the water and moisture from the ground from seeping up the walls and causing dampness and wood rot. It is one of the important things to remember.

• Will the drainage and sloping ensure that my house is waterproof?

• Where will the windows be located? Will they let in enough sunshine and fresh air? Will the windows be soundproof?

• Is the landscaping included?

• What are my responsibilities in the execution of the project?

• What is the best price that I can get for the project?

Getting clear answers for the above questions can avoid a lot of frustration later and will ensure that the construction process proceeds smoothly.

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