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In the recent years, some of the negative effects of Feng Shui are being created by the owners or interior designers who are in charge of the home renovation.

Due to the purpose to increase aesthetic appearance and modern feel, many bad vibes were unintentionally created. These negative energies would cause bad effect to the health and wealth of the family members.

An open concept or island style kitchen with no supporting wall to segment the kitchen area is only suitable for people who live in the house that require “fire” element in their birth profile analyses, but the chance that it all occupants would need “fire” is highly unlikely, so open concept kitchen should not be considered in any cases.

In the view of geomancy, kitchen is being known as the “fire” sector and toilet is known as the “water” area. If you expand or oversize your kitchen by using an island open kitchen concept, this will cause the “fire” element to amplify, thus it will disturb the harmony and balance of the 5 elements. We must always keep our house proportion balanced, for example, toilet must not be bigger than any room in the house, main door must be bigger than other doors in the room and etc.

In additional, the stove’s location is one of the 3 most critical areas in home Feng Shui, that followed after the main door and master bedroom. If you have an open kitchen concept, there is a high chance that you will see the kitchen first when you open the main door and this is bad Feng Shui for wealth and health. Traditionally, in chinese culture, kitchen Feng Shui plays a significant role of impacting the occupants health and wealth, so having a open concept kitchen is a big NO NO.

Last but not least, in the eye of geomancy, a wall backing behind the stove as a significance of having backing support from superior and mentor. In the aspect of common sense, when it comes to cooking and you do not have any walls, the smell of the cooking will stay throughout the whole house for hours. This is definitely not good “chi”, energy and does not harmonize the 5 elements.

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