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Many people are unhappy with the condition of their kitchen cabinets, but they keep them because it is costly and time-consuming to fully rip out and install new cabinets.

However, there are options because you can choose to simply refinish the cabinets so that they look like new, but do not require nearly as much work. This will save both time and money for the homeowner.

Kitchen Cabinet RemodelingWhat Happens During Kitchen Cabinet Refacing?

The frames have a veneer placed onto them, drawer fronts and doors are replaced, and new hardware is added. Experts will take your cabinets apart and the job is done one part at a time. For example, once everything is apart, the boxes are veneered and once this is done, the new doors and drawers are put into place. Lastly, finishing touches like hardware are applied and the kitchen is fully cleaned and ready to use and enjoy.

What Are the Pros of Cabinet Refacing?

A remodeling franchise can help you to help your kitchen in a number of ways. There are several pros associated with kitchen cabinet resurfacing and these include the following:

• The cost is about 50 percent less when compared to completely replacing your kitchen cabinets
• It is much easier and cleaner than a complete tear down and replace
• It takes less than a week to get the job done
• During the resurfacing process, you will still be able to use your kitchen

Which Refacing Options Are Available?

Kitchen Cabinet RemodelingWhen it comes to the finished look of your cabinets, you have virtually endless choices. Veneers can be found in many different patterns, grains, colors, and textures, and these can also be mixed and matched. Some options include:

• Rigid thermo foil doors: These are fiberboard with a durable plastic coating and are an alternative to laminate and wood doors for those looking for a more affordable option
• Real wood veneers: These include woods like oak, maple, and cherry and there are dozens of different stain colors. This is the most expensive option and the wood must be expertly sealed
• Plastic laminates: You have hundreds of different pattern and color choices. These are reasonable in price, and are moisture-resistant and durable. Contrasting or matching laminates can be chosen for the drawer fronts and doors

Can Cabinet Refacing Be Done By the Homeowner?

This is possible, but those who have not done it before are best off getting some help from an experienced cabinet remodeling franchise. Those doing this work must know how to properly take apart cabinetry, as well as know how to properly put it all back together and this is no easy task. Significant knowledge and ability to apply veneer is also necessary and if this is not done right, it can cause major issues in your kitchen. You will also need to have all of the tools necessary to do this properly, and this includes certain special tools.




by:  Bill K. Weber