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Solar power is one of the cleanest forms of energy and the initial costs have come down quite a bit in the past few years. If you’re seriously thinking about installing solar equipment, then this article may be a great way to start.

It goes without saying that your solar power2 equipment needs sunshine to generate power. Monitor the sun exposure on your house for a few days noting the times and locations where the sun hits the hardest. This will be where the solar panels will need to face. If you find the perfect spot but it’s a bit too shady due to trees, consider trimming them. There’s no need to completely get rid of them, just a precise trim here and there will work.

Solar Power

Now is the time to pull out your most current electric bill and see how much electricity you normally use. This will give you an idea about how much electricity your solar panels will need to generate. Not everything in your home will need to be powered by solar energy. You can start small and work up.

If you decide to hire a solar energy contractor to install your solar power3 panels, make sure you do your homework. Make sure they are licensed, experienced and have plenty of references. Now is not the time to hire the neighborhood handyman. This is not a $50.00 plumbing job. You’ve invested quite a lot so don’t cheap out now. Once you have your panels installed and working, you’ll need to decide when and how to clean them. Being out in the open, they’ll accumulate things like bird droppings, grime, leaves and dirt. Dirty panels won’t receive as much sun so you won’t get as much energy.

The actual cleaning of the panels is like cleaning your car windows. Just use a soft cloth, mild soap and water. The hardest part will be actually getting to the panels if you have them on your roof. The easiest way is to actually hire someone to do it for you. Make sure they are professional, licensed, experienced and insured company. You spent a chunk of change for the panels so you don’t need an inexperienced handyman or brother in law scratching or breaking them.

Solar Power

In conclusion, make sure to do your research before deciding which solar system to purchase. There are plenty of options out there so you want to make sure to get the one that is the best fit for your home and your budget. Solar Power4 Your Home For Dummies” is a great book to start out with. You’ll learn the ins and outs of solar system in plain English.

Thanks for reading, Shelia Lirette