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Creating a house that combines both functionality and beauty is not as hard as you might think, especially since there are lots of ideas and products that can be used. Lots of home builders do not search for fantastic designs or ideas because it takes them some time and money. However, talking to the proper vendor and designer can help you find the proper products at awesome prices (great discounts included). The actual construction of the house will not take a lot of time, but designing, planning and achieving the proper fixture for every room will. Thus, if you don’t want to register such hassles or delays, search for a provider that can offer you a varied range of wardrobes, shower glass doors, cabinets, railings, tub or display units. So pretty much everything you need!

Design Ideas for the Bathroom

Bathroom Space, Frameless Shower DoorsGenerating a great looking and functional bathroom is an easy task because you can insert lots of useful elements, even if you don’t have the right space for it. The use of glass in multiple forms will help you achieve better functionality, with lower maintenance, but with the same beautiful space. Normally, builders mark two main areas in your bathroom (dry and wet areas). Selecting the wrong fabric or various other partitions will make your space look too dull and small. So why not choose to use sliding doors for your shower (made of glass of course)? This way you can make your room look brighter and definitely bigger. Not to mention that cleaning is way easier in the case of the products mentioned, and the inappropriate temperatures will not affect the glass.

Selection of frameless doors

The designs for shower doors have changed a lot and the options available nowadays go from a simple curtain to awesome glass or wooden designs. By far, one of the most famous designs is represented by the frameless shower doors, because they offer unlimited space. If this product fits your budget, then go with it. If you are worried about durability or strength, you should know that this is just as strong as the rest of the doors, since metal hinges are involved. The glass is not only frameless, but it also brings distinct finishes from which to choose. They might cost a bit more, but they sure compensate through elegance.


Bathroom Space, Frameless Shower DoorsThis type of shower enclosures is superior to other solutions. It lasts more and it brings a very elegant touch to your bath. In addition to this, it allows the light to reflect and, since the sliding doors have no metal lining, the bathroom will appear larger. Those products that are made with quality material last longer and they are stronger. They resist despite the weather, they are easy to maintain and they can be customized according to your own desires. Even the online stores sell products of this type.


Installing the shower units is not exactly a DIY project that can be done by everyone. The frameless shower doors have to fit precisely in order to avoid possible leakage. Even the tiniest error can cause massive damages for your floors or shower. In order to fit the doors perfectly, you have to take precise steps. Not to mention that even the tiniest chip in the glass panel can shatter everything. This will make you pay more. So, for this task, make sure you call for the help of a professional.

by: Karina Popa