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Purchasing Renters Insurance when leasing or renting an apartment is absolutely necessary for all tenants.

It doesn’t matter who you are, or when you want to rent an apartment; whether you are a first-timer or an experienced renter. Whether you are young and strong, or not! Whether you live there as a housewife or an athlete who works-out most days of a week! Whether or not you are an accountant working on his computer inside the apartment, or a full-time employee! Whoever you are, whatever you do, you definitely need Renters Insurance!

Purchasing Renters Insurance is what you should add to your checklist when you are going to rent an apartment.

Purchasing Renters Insurance

We all watch the news and see those horrible scenes of fire and witness how those appliances and nice furniture are burnt and turned into ashes.

Purchasing Renters Insurance

We all read in newspapers about floods and we are aware of the power of unleashed water! I always remember the frightened faces of those children surrounded by flood waiting on a roof anticipating a rescue team. Their parents have to buy the whole household stuff again. Do they have enough money in their saving accounts to start from ZERO? If they had taught about renters insurance in advance, they wouldn’t have been forced to spend their life savings!

We all hear the loss of our neighbors by burglars. Many of us think that it would not happen to us, though. WHY?! Is it because Mr. Burglar is nice and will make an exception when it comes to us?! Does the crazy typhoon blows through my neighbors’ apartments but not mine?!

Purchasing renters’ insurance starting from the first day of inhabitancy is what wise tenants do! The owners are responsible for building and structure insurance, but not for the tenants belongings. What kind of coverage does your insurance policy offer? This is a very important matter that you must discuss with your insurance broker before signing your contract. By the way, do make sure to read the fine prints! You can learn more about this subject here: (What Does Renters Insurance Cover?).

Accidents happen! If you take action now, you will not regret it later and your family will thank you! YES! The time of purchasing renters’ insurance is right now! Not tomorrow!



Article by: Mehrdad Kashani (MAK)