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Mrs Sophie Williams, cannot decide whether to go for wooden doors or metal security doors for her house. She is planning to move into a new house in a nearby locality. The construction of the houses under way and Mrs Williams has to decide on the materials to be used in the buildings. She is 70 years old and is really worried about the safety of her house. Keeping this in mind she wants to install a front door in the house which will give them the maximum security.

We will discuss the salient features of wooden doors and security doors here which hopefully will help to make a better decision.

Wooden doors: Wooden doors are used in houses as well as industries. Wood has been used since a long time in making doors. From an aesthetic perspective wood looks elegant and can be polished or a painted to give it a good appearance. Wooden doors are generally installed inside a wooden frame.

However from the security perspective, wooden doors can be broken into easily. It just requires the burglar to break the lock of the door in order to gain access to the property. Hence it is suggested that a strong lock should be installed in a wooden door, preferably or multi-lock system if it is the outside door of the property.

Security Doors, Wooden Doors

Security doors: These doors are made of a strong metal like steel or aluminium. Where the door is built for industrial use, the strength of the door is checked by the vendor through a number of tests. The design, manufacture and the installation of a security door is done keeping in mind the safety requirements of the building it will protect.

• Even the doors which are meant for home use in Melbourne are carefully designed to ensure that they cannot be tampered with and broken into by burglars easily. They are reinforced with strong metal locks which enhance the security significantly.

• The security doors manufactured these days are good to look at and can be manufactured as per the specifications regarding size and shape as provided by the buyer. They can be made to match the design of the house in Melbourne where they are to be installed. They can also be painted to match the colour of the building where they are going to be installed.

• Another concern that most buyers had regarding metal security doors is the aspect of corrosion weakening the doors in the future. However, with the advancements in modern technology, most of these metal doors are now rust proof and maintenance free. Hence one need not worry about replacing these doors after every few years.

Security Doors, Wooden Doors

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