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Using a garage door opener can simplify your life, protect you from bad weather, and offer increased security.

Now packed with features, they are a far cry from the noisy units they were 20 or 30 years ago. While you can buy one for less than $100, so much is available for just a little more that a wise purchaser will read a few reviews and perhaps spend just a few dollars more to get a wider variety of features.

Garage Door Opener; Storage Garage

Don’t Fixate On Price:In deciding what is essential in a garage door opener, you will probably decide that you want something that is quiet, powerful enough to do the job, and equipped with features that protect your kids while keeping out intruders. All openers that are now sold meet safety requirements with infrared beams and automatic interruption, and many use rolling codes to dissuade easy access to your garage by thieves. To make sure that you find the best opener for your needs, here are a few things to consider.

Lift system:

 Openers were traditionally available with chain, belt, or screw drives, but now have direct drive, Jackshaft, or DC powered options that affect noise level, smoothness of operation, and maintenance. Entry-level chain drive models tend to be noisier and need more maintenance because of potential wear and tear in the chain, while costly Jackshaft options use a torsion bar with pulleys and cables to produce its motion. Screw driven models offer an excellent value for many homeowners, as they are affordable and durable, but belt drives are the quietest of the conventional types of openers.
Garage Door Opener; Storage Garage
 Available in 1/2, 3/4, or 1 HP models, the more power you have, the heavier the door the opener will lift. The 1/2 HP motor is most popular, but increasing horsepower ranges make models more durable and long-lasting. If you have an oversized or particularly heavy door, look for a bigger motor and one that advertises a fast lift speed. Average doors move at seven inches per second, but some models double that speed.
Remote control:
 More units come with two remote control units that may be able to open multiple doors, a handy feature if you have a two or three car garage with individual doors. Some accommodate keyless entry, one of the hottest new safety features.
Garage Door Opener; Storage Garage
 Most garage door openers operate using a pair of 60-watt bulbs while others take larger capacity bulbs. A capacity for more bulbs illuminates your garage better and can make you feel safer. Some openers have added lighting features, such as motion lighting. Especially if you have a detached garage, lighting that activates with motion can alert you to burglars and also light your way into the house.
Other features you might like:
 Depending on your needs, you can buy openers with battery backup and with the ability to be activated by your smart phone.Consider Warranty And Support.
 No matter what type of garage door opener you opt for, pay attention to warranties that can vary from a year to a lifetime on the motor, parts belt and accessories. The features often do not correlate exclusively by price, so make sure to read what your model includes.
Support options:
You are likely to have your door installed by a professional, who might offer support and service for you. However, make sure to verify that you will have access to manuals and phone and online support in case your installer goes out of business.When picking a door, there is plenty of online advice to guide you, but your installer is a good resource as well to help you sort out the features on many new openers. With years of experience knowing which openers are reliable and which manufacturers stand behind their products, insights from the installer can help you in selecting the perfect Garage Door Opener for your needs.
Garage Door Opener; Storage Garage

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