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Cleaning your carpet whether it’s a chore or a therapeutic session, has never had so many different options to get the job done. From brushes and vacuum cleaners to steam, all these methods help in keeping your home clean. Carpet cleaning in Portsmouth consider steam cleaning to be the best option when cleaning your carpet. However, is steam all that it’s made out to be?

Steam cleaning, in comparison to other methods, is the latest in a long line of carpet cleaning routines. Because of the high temperature of steam it has the power to loosen dirt in your carpet, making it easier to remove.

 Using a hose, in a very similar way to the more popular option of a vacuum cleaner, the steam cleaner also uses suction with the steam to remove debris in your carpet.

Steam Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning

Using chemical based solutions has brought up questions from concerned users in relation to the safety of their families and children. However, the temperature of the steam means that no harmful fumes are released into the air. As steam cleaning uses chemical assistance and other older methods don’t, this still raises questions as to why a chemical machine should be used instead of a purely suction based apparatus. This does ask the question to every home owner – is steam method more effective than other carpet cleaning methods?

Although questions are asked by consumers, the steam cleaning method is very popular with carpet cleaners in Portsmouth. Companies can, and do, use much more powerful machines than those for residential everyday use. These services often use truck mounted machines in order to gain great results, bringing out some of that original sparkle of your carpet.

The only main disadvantage of steam method, as highlighted by carpet cleaners in Portsmouth, is the drying time. Drying time for steam cleaning can be anything from 2 hours to 24 hours, depending on the machine and operator use. Professional equipment, such as the truck mounted variety, do have a faster drying time than everyday use machines. Once again this raises the question of whether it is the best method for carpet cleaning. With high traffic homes and children constantly running around can your life really go on hold for that amount of time?

Steam cleaning in general is a fantastic revelation in carpet cleaning, definitely for hygienic purposes, but the downfall is waiting around for what could be hours to continue your everyday household routine.