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I had a strange feeling; a strange and pleasant feeling of being suspended in the space. As if I’m laying down on a hammock.

Weather; the weather was great. Not too cold and not too hot. It was phenomenal. I had not experienced such wonderful weather before.

Sound; pleasant sounds and voices could be heard from near and far. Sounds were not raspy, but euphony; the sounds of sparrows’ chirp, water flow in the stream, a small fountain, children’s laughter as they played, women chattering, and men, ecstatic for the victory of their favorite football team, yelling and screaming.

Scent; first a pleasant scent filled up my nose, then it was a freshly baked bread. A moment later, the smell of a barbecue! Later on, the smell of ginger, and saffron! One after another, they were pleasant fragrant.

Among all of those good scent and fragrance, I smelled the best perfume ever. Not only I smelled it, but I felt it on my skin, as if it had cuddled my entire body. I was covered with that aroma. It was like the gentlest petals flirting with me.

I wanted to open my eyes, to see where I was suspended. Was I on a hammock? Was it some kind of a swing? Was I dead?! Was I in heaven?! What were all those feelings? An inner sense warned me, “Do not open your eyes. It’s better this way!”

I noticed the softness and flavor again as it had covered my whole body. I felt the soft pressure of its lips on mine! I couldn’t bear it any longer and opened my eyes as I woke up at the same moment!!

Where was I??

WOW! I was in the courtyard of my own house. It was a Sunday afternoon in April. My wife was beside me. We fell asleep together on our double hammock.

I don’t know what the cause of my dream was! Was it because of the hammock’s material, or napping beside my lovely wife on that pleasant Sunday afternoon in spring? All I know is that the dream was great.

Here, on our double hammock, the best nap I experienced on that holiday was just unforgettable!

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Article by: Mehrdad Kashani (MAK)