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The average home buyer is not experienced in all the details of buying a home. There are many aspects that only an agent can help with home seller or buyer. Ultimately, the goal of a real estate agent is to work to help you find the home that fits all your needs, both personally and financially.

It is surprising, however, at how many people get burned because they choose not to hire a real estate agent. Here are 10 top reasons why you should.

Reason 1: Education An agent undergo a specific educational regimen, from basic sales and customer service to contracts and laws. For example, did you know that in many states an agent is legally required to disclose any deaths that occurred in a home on the market? They are also required to be involved in continual training to remain updated on changes each year. Reason 2: Area Familiarity Agents limit themselves, for the most part, to a specific area because it gives them the opportunity to get familiar with the community and all the hidden gems. An agent can tell you about the schools and their state scoring for academic achievement, restaurants, stores, and important community outlets such as the library and parks. They know the ins and outs of a community. real estate agentReason 3: The Middleman A real estate agent acts as a middleman, dealing with the sellers and mortgage companies on your behalf. Many sellers hire agents to sell their homes, and agents are able to negotiate with one another. Without an agent, negotiating the terms of sale are almost impossible. Reason 4: Paperwork There is a lot of paperwork involved in purchasing a home. Real estate agents are able to keep the paperwork you have to deal with somewhat organized and understandable. Handling the mound that is the purchase agreement on your own can lead to huge legal mistakes and a very large mess that can cost you a great deal of money to fix. Reason 5: Dealing with Pricing Prices for homes depend on a variety of factors. Things like appraisal value, upgrades, and current market conditions affect the price of a home. Agents do not make the prices. That said, however, an agent will know about the history of the home as well as surrounding homes on the market. Reason 6: Professional Contacts Real estate agents possess a wide variety of contacts related to the industry. They can recommend or use services from these contacts without having to shop around. Although they may not be able to guide you toward one specific individual, they can give you a list of ones they have used before. Reason 7: Confidentiality An agent keeps all of your personal details confidential, especially from other buyers. During negotiations, an agent does not give out specific details. They simply refer to you as a buyer or seller and present your offer or counteroffer, along with details that are only related to your offer. Reason 8: Questions Buying or selling a home is never clean-cut black and white. There will always be questions throughout the process. Real estate agents have the education and experience to answer any questions you might have. Even after closing, the agent you hire will help you sort out the problems. Reason 9: Lack of Time No one is able to spend every hour of every day tracking homes, arranging viewings, or handling negotiations. We all have other things to handle in our lives. By hiring an agent, you have someone to take some of the grunt work out for you so that you can focus on getting the right home. Reason 10: Filtering Out the Duds An agent works as a filter of sorts. This is particularly helpful if you are a seller because the agent works to weed out the buyers that are not really serious. They present offers from buyers that are serious and motivated. Whether you are a buyer or a seller, hiring a real estate agent is a smart move. You have someone who has the knowledge to get you through the process much easier than handling it on your own. Agents work for you from start to finish, and even after the sale is finalized. buying a home, Home Buyers, home sellers, real estate agent, selling a home Check out other related information on prospect mortgage home loans. Read the Prospect Mortgage disclosure here.

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