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 There are plenty of designs and colors you can have in your floors, walls and driveways with the decorative concrete.

Many of us might be bored of the plain floor surfaces that we might have in our homes. Well, if you are bored of seeing mundane colored walls or flowing surfaces or even dull driveways and patios, there is an option waiting for you.
You need to make the use of decorative concrete. Here are some things that you can do with it.

Decorative Concrete; Floor Surface

Stamped concrete:

This method makes your concrete look like it is made from stone or brick and many other products that include wood and fossils as well. Stamped concretes are greatly durable too and often cost less. You can give a natural design to your concrete floors by installing stamped concrete. Acid stains and dry shakes as well as powder releases are used for coloring and designs. However, the only downside is that you need to properly maintain the stamped concrete or the colors may gradually wear away over time.

Decorative Concrete; Floor Surface

Concrete dyes:

If you want some amazing new designs and color compositions and textures, you need to use concrete dyes. They are a safe bet in both home and commercial concrete applications and can be used to color walls and bridges as well apart from floors. However, it is not suitable for exterior decorative concrete use as on direct exposure to sunlight, the color begins to fade a little or lighten up.

Acid staining:

While not a proper dyeing method, acid staining is a great way to color the concrete. Here, a chemical reaction between water and mineral salts is what causes the concrete to have a new earth tone. Water and mineral salts basically react with the lime in the concrete. This method ensures that each slab of concrete has a unique appearance.

Of course, there are plenty of other methods too that are employed to make Decorative Concrete. When choosing one, it all depends on the colors, textures and designs you need.

Decorative Concrete; Floor Surface


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