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The tales about buyer’s remorse have been popular within the real estate market. These are the feelings of doubts and the concerns that buyer’s have after the purchase of the house. But have you heard of seller’s remorse? They refer to the doubts and concerns that linger in the minds of home sellers. Here are 5 things that are commonly found in the lists of home seller’s regrets. home sellerI wish I did not rejected the first few offers A house that is fairly new on the seller’s market has the tendency to gather good offers. However, as days pass by, new houses enter the market. Homes that are weeks old or more are less likely to get the same good offers. I wish I had promoted my house for sale as much as I can. Home sellers usually rely on free services to promote their house for sale. This is due to the fear of expensive costs associated with other marketing methods. However, they forget that with the right marketing channels, more potential buyers with potentially better offers are more likely to flood the hotlines. Advertising the house doesn’t have to be as expensive as one thinks. Social media platforms offer wide coverage without the expensive amount. Simple flyers can be made and distributed to the neighborhood. I wish I had staged my house. Despite good advertising efforts, a house fails to sell when it is not rightly staged. Potential buyers will fail to picture themselves and their family as the next owners of the house. Often than not, improper staging of the house results in failure to offer living spaces to the buyers. The house looks disorganized, full of clutter, and restricted of moving spaces. I wish I learned to detach myself to the house emotionally. The house for sale is usually the fruit of years of earning and hard work. But instances like job transfer or changing family needs can prompt someone to sell his home sweet home. Being so emotionally attached to the house sometimes hinder the seller to approve good offers. It also causes someone to depersonalize the house leaving photo albums, family portraits, religious items, and political signs and emblems on display. These things may drive away buyers who think the seller is not yet ready to sell the house. I wish I had tapped the services of a real estate professional. On top of all home seller’s regrets, one thing that covers the first four is the failure to tap the services of a real estate professional. The expertise and experience that a real estate professional possesses are perfect to determine the good from the bad offers; to utilize all marketing channels possible; to help seller with proper home staging; and to advice the seller on the bad implications of emotion attachment to the house.

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