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LED Lighting

LED lighting has been around for years now. Its extremely advantageous to use in so many applications, and companies are coming up with new and innovative ways to use them all the time.

Just head down to your local home improvement store to see all the new products available that incorporate these tiny, efficient and incredibly bright lights. Here are some ways you can incorporate LED’s into your home to improve home safety, make your home more functional and save energy.

Battery Powered

Whether you’re crawling around your attic, crawlspace, underneath your house or simply using a storage closet that is in a dark corner of your hallway, home or garage, you can certainly benefit from LED lights. Use handy stick-on lights that go on and off by simply pressing them for most storage closets. Or try puck lights or light bars that are battery powered and can stick anywhere you need them.

Patio and DeckLED Lighting

When its nighttime, its often difficult to find your way around a patio or deck without turning on a large backyard or porch light. There are options for LED lights that can make this area much more safe and functional at night. Not only can you use LED lanterns to light up a certain area, but you can also install permanent lighting via rope lights that can be attached to underneath your deck railings or along paths.

Under Cabinet

You may have seen pictures of modern kitchen designs in home design magazinesLED Lighting that incorporate these. Those lights that you see lighting up the cabinets from underneath the counters? Those are almost certainly all LED based lights. In most cases, the effect is achieved by using LED light bars, which are bars made of metal or plastic that have a row of lights embedded in them. Installing these lights is not too difficult either. In fact, just about anyone can do it. In most cases, these bars install with an adhesive backing. They can even be linked together in a row quite easily. Most are also Energy Star certified, meaning they operate with low energy and won’t be adding much to your electricity bill.

PathsLED Lighting

Making your way around the outside of your home can be treacherous at night, even if you have a flashlight. You can make it easier to get around at night by installing path lighting. There are now numerous options to illuminate paths that incorporate LED’s. You can opt for solar powered, battery powered or low voltage lights. They come in many styles, colors and designs that will compliment any style of home.