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When people order a pool, they think that they know what they are expecting, but when they are standing in a massive hole in their back yard, they wonder what they have got themselves into. This is because they don’t know the procedure for inground pool construction.

If they did, they would not be stressing Pool Buildingabout the mess because they would understand that in a few days time (sometimes even one day), they will be swimming in their perfect pool, in the perfect setting.

So, the aim of this article is to educate people about the whole process of pool building so that when they are sitting in their house watching the builders, they are relaxing with a cup of coffee instead of freaking out about the size of the hole in their garden.

1. Design – The first step is the design of the pool and it is probably the best part until the pool is done. The company that you have hired to build the pool, should send a designer to your home so that they can look at the area and come up with an initial plan. If they don’t come to your home, then they should arrange for you to attend at their offices with pictures of the garden and the measurements for the area that you want the pool. It is important that you work with the designer at this point. If you have an idea in your head, then you should tell the designer and they may able to incorporate the design in their plans. Don’t be alarmed if they tell you something isn’t possible. That is what they are there for. If they turned up at your house and they have a pool that doesn’t fit then you will have an issue with them not telling you in the first place.

2. Construction – Now is the part, which is going to freak you out if you are not expecting it. Before the excavation begins, a representative from the pool company will come to your house and layout the pool area. Once you approve the area, the excavation will begin. They will turn up at your house with all the equipment and start the digging. It should only take a day to remove all the ground from the pool area.

3. Reinforcement – Once the land has been cleared, they will have to reinforce the pool area. They aren’t going to pour the water in a hole and then expect you to swim in it because it will sink and soil will seep through. Therefore, they reinforce the area with steel rods.

4. Plumbing – There is plumbing in a pool because otherwise you would not be able to clean or purify the pool. Therefore, a plumber will come and fit the plumbing lines.

5. Concrete and decking – Now, your pool Pool Buildingwalls will be fitted with a material that is similar to concrete and then the decking will be plastered on over that. The decking is the frame of the pool and you will begin to see what the finished product is going to look like. You should be over any panicky feelings by now.

6. Equipment – All the pool equipment will be installed in an area that you have chosen. The equipment is massive, so you might want to ask if you can cover it up with some sort of outhouse materials.

7. Finishing and Landscaping – Once the Pool Buildingpool area has been covered with a waterproof finishing and the floor has been colored, the company will start on the landscaping and the finishing touches around the pool. Once this has been done then your pool will be finished and you should have a massive smile on your face.