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Instead of buying what someone else has dreamed up, why not design your own home and know about how to Build A House?

You know you’ll love it because it was made all from your ideas and have all the amenities you want. But before you get swept away in the excitement of living in your own creation, keep some things in mind.

build a house; building a home;

When you are going to Build A House don’t forget to have the doors open the right direction. This might seem basic, but it can easily be forgotten. Look at the flow of traffic in each room and make sure it makes sense. Then, have the doors open accordingly. You don’t want to have a door block a closet or hit something.

Be sure you have plenty of storage for all your goodies. If you can work a storage closet into an otherwise not used corner, then go for it. Maybe you can craft a cute shelving unit under the stairs and take advantage of another wise blank area. If you dream of a walk-in pantry for your kitchen, now’s your chance. Conversely, if you don’t need the storage space, don’t carve it out. You can end up with a huge master suite if you don’t need twin walk-in closets.

build a house; building a home;

Does the layout of the house make sense? Do you have enough bathrooms where you need them? Are the washer and dryer in a big enough laundry room and in an easy to reach place from the bedrooms? Do you live in a rainy climate and need a mudroom?

Is the bedroom in the back of the house or on an upper floor so it’s restful and quiet? Is your kitchen the hub of it all or is it hidden in the back? Before one hammer falls, you have the chance to change everything around to suit you.

When you build a house be sure the house is piped properly for heating and air conditioning. Find a heater that will keep your house properly warm without wasting energy. If you are in a damp climate, be aware that your HVAC system can be your dehumidifier’s best friend. It helps keep mold at bay. You should also look to be sure there is not just enough insulation to meet code but to actually be effective. Before one sheet of drywall goes up, you can add anything you want, including insulation in the floor or ceiling.

build a house; building a home;

Look for opportunities to use natural lighting whenever possible based on where your home is being built. You may want to redesign the windows if you have a south-facing wall. Installing skylights lets in natural light to otherwise dark rooms. This lets you maximize the light, and heat, opportunities, particularly if you live in a cool climate. You can also check into solar panels that can dramatically reduce energy costs in the long run.

Lastly, ensure that you have obtained all of the appropriate permits and that inspections have been done. The last thing you want is to be ready to move in to your dream home and be stopped by a notice to comply.

Whatever you can dream can become yours. Have fun build a house and enjoy your new home!

build a house; building a home;

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