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The benefits of security gate automation are easy to understand. You will enjoy an even higher level of security, better control over the access to your property and greater convenience as well.

Find out more about the Security Gate Automation systems and their features so that you can be better prepared when you go shopping for one.

security gateHow It Works:

The typical system uses an opener or operator. This device is equipped with a motor and works to open and close the panel or panels. It is important to note that the different types of gates, swinging and sliding, work with different types of openers.

The opener is connected to the panels via a set of moving metal parts. These moving parts make the opening and closing possible. Again, there are some differences in the parts and mechanisms used by the different types of gates.

All modern openers are equipped with a receiver and come with a transmitter. The transmitter makes the opening and closing easy, quick and convenient. You simply need to point it towards the gate and press the button. It is a remote control for the gate.

Security Features:

The modern systems for security gate automation have openers and transmitters which use rolling security gatecode technology. The access code is changed automatically after every opening and closing. In this way, a thief will find it virtually impossible to learn or guess the code.

The motors of the openers are irreversibly geared. This makes it extremely difficult for any person to force the gate open. This gives you protection from both thieves and vandals.

You can choose to add a traditional lock, a magnetic lock or an entry keypad for an even higher level of security. The traditional lock is reliable, but not particularly convenient to use. The magnetic lock can make the gate extremely difficult to open as it adds more force. The entry keypad is the most popular option as it provides security and convenience as well.

The intercom has become a standard security feature. In addition to it, many people choose to add a camera which is connected to a monitor inside the house. This provides for an even higher level of security.

security gateSafety Features:

Each and every modern gate automation system is equipped with a safety reversal mechanism and sensors. When the sensors detect movement while the door is closing, the mechanism works to reverse the door. In this way, serious accidents are effectively prevented.

Finally, you should know that there is a wide selection of these systems. There are above-ground and concealed below-ground systems. The opener can be powered via the mains power supply or via a battery. There are also innovative models which work with solar power.

No matter what kind of security gate automation your needs and requirements are, Gates Auckland will meet them fully and even exceed them. Order a custom gate for your property to enjoy the highest level of security and safety combined with superb aesthetics.

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