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A home window replacement can improve your home’s appearance, and lower your maintenance requirements for painting and refinishing old windows.

Home window replacement can also improve the energy efficiency of your home, thereby lowering your utility bills and saving you money.

1. Windows are rotting or falling apart:

If you see any of the windows in your home starting to fall apart, or notice signs of rot around them, then it is definitely time to replace those windows right away. Buying high quality new window should mean that you don’t need to replace them again for many years. While you’re replacing a few windows that are obviously deteriorating, you may decide to replace all the others, too.

2. Water leaks in through the window:

If rain outside ends up leaving water inside your home, then you have a problem with your windows. Inefficient, leaky windows like this can also allow water to get behind your walls. You may not see it back there, but this is a major cause of mildew and mold problems in homes. Replacing any leaky windows can save you money and headaches in the long run.

3. Don’t open and close properly:

Old windows can warp or swell, making them difficult or impossible to open and close properly. Heat, cold, and moisture over the years can lead to this condition. Old windows can also be a security issue if they no longer close and lock properly. If only the strongest member of your family can open the window, then you have a problem, and should consider a home window replacement.

4. You feel a draft:

On a blustery winter day, do you feel a cold draft coming through the windows? On a hot summer day, does your window let a stream of warm air flow in? Windows should be fitted properly and air tight. If they are letting in a draft, then you are losing money on your energy bill. Replacing them with modern, efficient windows can save you money on your utilities.

5. Use single pane glass:

If you live in an older home with original windows, then they may still have single pane glass. This is not energy efficient, and you are wasting money on your heating and air conditioning bill. Double pane windows are the standard today for energy efficiency, so consider replacing yours.

6. Double pane windows are foggy:

If the seal around double pane windows is damaged, then it can be possible for moisture and condensation to get in between the panes of glass. During the winter, you may find frost there. After awhile, the window can take on a permanent cloudy, dirty look which you can never remove with a cleaning. The best option is to replace the windows with new ones.

7. High energy bills:

If your winter or summer utility bills are sky high, and your home still has creaky old windows, then you are due for a window replacement. Install new energy-efficient windows, and your heating and cooling bills will drop. Over the years, those new windows will more than pay for themselves.

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