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Glass installation can be done by just about anyone, but you will need the right tools to do the job.

Glass installation has you working with a very brittle substance that can be broken into million little pieces if you make the wrong move with it. The right tools and a few common skills will see you safely through the job. When you begin a glass installation project you will need a measuring tape to measure the size of the opening that needs the glass put in it. It is critical that you measure correctly for your sizing so that your piece of glass is not too large or too small. Fractions of inches can make big differences in glass installation projects. It is best if you measure the hole you need to fill twice and measure the piece of glass twice, before you start to make any cuts.

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You will need a tool that will be able to cut this substance. Gold tipped glass cutters are probably the finest of all glass cutters for scoring the substance so that it will break in a smooth line. When you cut this substance you actually are going to score the piece so that when pressure is applied correctly it makes a clean break into the shape and size you need. Oval and circular cuts have specialized glass cutters designed to help you create them. You want to make certain that all of your cutting instruments are very sharp before you begin to score the glass. If you have skips or gaps in the scoring then the glass is not going to break cleanly and you will not get a quality item to work with. If the glass that you are going to be installing is very large then it is going to be very heavy. You can buy tools designed to help you lift and carry this substance in a manner that will not break it, or cause you pain and injury from carrying the heavy item in an awkward manner. Many people get hernias and injure their backs because they attempt to carry something that is sized awkwardly for their body without taking the time to use a tool that can help them. It is always best if you work smarter, not harder. You will need a sealant or a gasket to apply to the outer edges of the piece so that it will be water tight once you get it in place. There are different sealants made according to where you are installing the item and what it is protecting. You will need a rubber mall to help install the rubber moldings that go around the glass piece during installation. You may also need clips to hold the piece in position while you apply the sealant or gasket. You should always wear safety goggles when installing this substance. Tiny shards can get into your eyes and do major damage. It is also recommended that you wear gloves to protect your hands during the job.

glass installation; glass installation project; glass installation tools


Installation tools will be determined by the type of glass you are installing and where you are installing it. The most common installation tools are glass cutters and lifting equipment to hold the item in place while you work. You can get more information at commercial glass installation and frameless shower doors installation.

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